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"If you train badly, you play badly. If you train like a beast, you play the same way." - Pep Guardiola

Individual Periodization Plans

What is a periodization plan? Why is it important?

What is a periodization plan?

Periodization is the systematic planning of athletic or physical training. The aim is to reach the best possible performance in the most important competition of the year. It involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period. The four most important parameters when designing the weekly plan are:

  1. The style of play of the team (formation, game plan, team tactics)

  2. The physical capacity or physiological factors (playing time, positions, experience of the players)

  3. The season planning (pre-season, competition, opponent, breaks, matches)

  4. Management of the squad (players’ availability, wellness, load monitoring)

How does periodization help soccer players?

The purpose of periodization is to allow players to maintain competitive fitness and sharpness throughout a season, while gradually improving their overall level. Using a periodization plan ensures that all training sessions are planned out, vary in intensity and accomplish a predetermined purpose.

One athlete training more than another athlete does not equate to more or better development, especially if that athlete is not managing the physical load properly or is a multi-sport athlete squeezing in extra workouts during the week. Physical and mental overuse can cause injury or burnout, two serious dangers of youth athletes. The quality of the session and specific movements being executed are key to safe and effective development. The most effective workouts are planned in advance.

Sample Periodization Plans

The club has provided several age-appropriate periodization plans for players to download, follow and adjust to their schedules or needs. As a reminder, your coaches will provide additional guidance on your plans.

For each area (Fitness, Technique, etc.) choose a relevant exercise from the appropriate section of the Digital Training Ground to incorporate into your workout. Click your age's plan below to download, plan and begin training.

U15 and older

Periodization Plan

U12 - U14

Sample Periodization Plan

U11 and younger

Periodization Plan

Downloadable Blank Training Plan

Downloadable Sample Periodization Plan