"A diet that's bad for your overall health can't be good for your performance." - Kobe Bryant

Wellness Journal

Players are expected to complete this form daily.

Why keep a journal?

"For an athlete, the disciplined and pragmatic habit of keeping a journal can be a vital tool when assessing performance, analyzing strategies and developing an effective structure to their game.

Think back to your last training session and try to recall everything you were told, you told yourself, you experienced and observed – how much detail can you truly recall?

Detailing each session… each recovery… each thought process… each technique… and so on enables you to not only build an accurate picture of how you are going, what is and isn’t working but also enables you to pick up on patterns and emotional triggers long before they become an issue.

The biggest benefit I see in athletes who journal is the motivational boost it provides. A regular read-through of their journal feeds them with instant feedback on how far they have come in such a short space of time."

- The Art of Journaling: Secret Weapon of the Elite Athlete


Flexibility, core strength and measured breathing.

15-minute Yoga Warm-up

Here's a 15 min yoga warm up ideal for soccer players to focus on hips, knees and ankles.

15-minute Yoga Recovery

A 15 minute mat yoga class for teenagers after a good game of soccer.


Meditation, visualization and other mental techniques.

Podcast: Simply Soccer

An introduction to meditation and visualization techniques for soccer players.

TED Talk: Inside the Mind of Athletes

A peek into the psychology and state of mind of champion athletes.

Exampe #1

Example #2

Example #3

Example #4


Tips for using your diet to get the most from your performance.

Wellness: Arsenal Healthy Eating Program Part A.pdf

100-point Nutrition Tracker

An easy way to track your diet. The closer you score to 100 points, the healthier you are eating!

Wellness: Arsenal Healthy Eating Program Part B.pdf

Calorie & Potassium Intake

A guide to how many calories you should consume based on your age, size and body goals.

Wellness: Arsenal Healthy Eating Program Part C.pdf

Healthy Choices

Some life-hacks to follow to make the best choices in you diet and snack selections.

Wellness: Arsenal Healthy Eating Program Part D.pdf

Recovery Foods

Suggestions for the best foods to help you quickly recover after a hard workout, training session or match.