Technical & Tactical

"Technique is not being able to juggle a ball 1000 times. Anyone can do that by practicing. Technique is passing the ball with one touch, with the right speed, at the right foot of your teammate." - Johan Cruyff


“I learned all about life with a ball at my feet.” - Ronaldinho

Techne Futbol Partnership

The club has a partnership with Techne Futbol, an app-based individual training program. Each Arsenal player is provided a Techne Futbol account.

Click here to download the app and explore the training content provided. Each week, our club leaders are featured on social media.

Techne offers training ideas no matter what sort of training equipment or space a player has available to them. It is an excellent resource for ideas no matter the weather or time of the year.

Foundational Comfort

Koven of our 2006 boys demonstrates a series of exercises designed to increase general comfort with the ball using all surfaces of your foot.

50 Wall Work Exercises to Master

Here are a series of short videos demonstrating 50 exercises you can master. All you need is a ball and a wall (or a training partner).

Instructions are provided in the video.

Ball Striking & Partner Wall Work

With some more space available, you can expand your wall work routine to include ball strikes over distance.

Shielding & Turns

Using the wall and another object to simulate a defender, practice these combinations of receiving the ball while keeping it shielded from the defender.

Beast Mode: Phase 1

Beast Mode Soccer is a program designed to improve your comfort on the ball using only a 5x5yd grid. When space is limited but you want a high volume of touches, this is a great option.

Each exercise should be done for :30sec to 1min.

Skills Checklist

Use this video as a guide to complete your skills checklist.


Examples of dynamic and position-specific training routines.

Home Technical Program Series

Tech-Tact: Home Tech Program 1.pdf

Week 1

Tech-Tact: Home Tech Program 2.pdf

Week 2

Tech-Tact: Home Tech Program 3.pdf

Week 3

Week 4 [Coming Soon]

Receiving & Shooting

Ethan of our 02/03 boys demonstrates game-realistic sequences of movements, with a focus on creating a shot on goal using different techniques.

Technical instruction is provided in the video.

Dribbling & Passing

Ethan of our 02/03 boys demonstrates technical dribbling using all surfaces of the foot, followed by a ball strike simulating a game-realistic pass.

Technical instruction is provided in the video.

#9: Finishing

Ex-USMNT striker Brian McBride leads a training session for strikers to improve their finishing and killer-instinct mentality.

Combining Skills

Evan of the 2006 Boys demonstrates how to link several game-realistic movements into a short, repeatable sequence.


Examples of game-realistic sequences in training routines.

Why should you include game sequences in your training routines?

Arsenal players know that they train like they play. The Arsenal player will have lightning quick transitions from one complex skill to the next.

This type of technical-tactical training will allow the Arsenal player to better understand the rhythms of our game and also prepare the Arsenal player for the technical, tactical, physical and mental demands on matchday.

Game Intel: Player Actions.pdf

Player Actions Checklist

Tech-Tact: Game Sequence Training Plan Qs.pdf

Designing Your Game Sequence

Example: Game Sequence

Michael of the 02/03 Academy boys demonstrates a 1-minute game-realistic sequence using different skills, movements and active rest periods to simulate different phases of the game relevant to his position in central midfield.

Example: Game Sequence

Neel of the 02/03 Academy boys shows a variety of movements and skills to create a game-realistic training sequence.

Example: Game Sequence

Neel also shows that a small backyard is no excuse when training. Using creativity and the space available, he demonstrates a game-realistic sequence.

Example: Game Sequence

Diederik of the 02/03 Academy boys demonstrates what a game sequence could look like for a central defender.

Example: Game Sequence

Ethan of the 02/03 Academy boys demonstrates a game sequence showcasing different phases of play.