Digital Training Ground

"I once cried because I had no shoes to play soccer, but one day, I met a man who had no feet.” - Zinedine Zidane

Welcome to Arsenal FC of Pittsburgh's Digital Training Ground, a vast library of resources to assist players on their journey of player development. Available around the clock, these articles, training plans, videos and other materials are here to help our players grow to the best of their ability. Using this tool, we aim to accomplish these goals:

    1. We stay connected.

    2. We improve our toughness.

    3. We gain more knowledge about ourselves and the game.

    4. We become better trainers.

    5. We become role models who inspire and create.

A player's development can be categorized into the six core areas outlined below. It is important to devote attention to each area in order for a player to reach his or her full potential. Within each core area, you will find soccer-specific exercises, suggestions and study materials to guide your player development journey. In addition, your coaches are always available and will provide guidance and age-appropriate training plans.

Develop your own training plan using the Digital Training Ground...

Using the resources available on the Digital Training Ground, the expertise of our coaching staff, and this downloadable template, players are empowered to design their own weekly training plans to fit their needs and schedule.

Just getting started? The first step is understanding what a periodization plan is and why it is so valuable to soccer players and other elite athletes.

For more information and for examples of sample age-appropriate training plans, visit the "Build Your Own Training Plan" section of the Digital Training Ground.

Sample Periodization Plan